NABPAC Mentor Program

The NABPAC Mentor Program provides members with assistance in a wide variety of areas, from day-to-day PAC management to fundraising, compliance, strategic planning and career development. Each NABPAC member in good standing is allowed access to a maximum of three (3) different mentors at any given time. Multiple individuals from any member organization can participate in the Mentor program.

The formal mentor relationship through this free service is designed to span no more than six (6) months, but we anticipate that this experience will forge lasting friendships and build on the long history of peer-to-peer advising that makes NABPAC so unique in the political action community. Individuals seeking mentoring assistance should be well-prepared when entering this program to maximize benefits. As part of that preparation, we suggest that individuals prepare questions and delineate specific needs before the first conversation with a selected mentor.

Below are the areas in which NABPAC Mentors will provide advice:

Career Development (Resumes, Public speaking, Networking)

Communications (Annual reports, Newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, PAC videos, PAC websites, Communications audit, Surveys)

Compliance (Lobbying & ethics, FEC reporting, State reporting)

Contribution Planning (Bundling, Strategic giving, Candidate voting records)

Crisis Management (Mergers & acquisitions, Fiduciary crisis, FEC audits, Internal audits)

Fundraising (E-mail solicitations, Direct solicitation, Direct mail, Solicitor training, Special events, Raffles and auctions, PAC Match)

Government Relations (Federal lobbying, State lobbying)

Grassroots Programs (GOTV, Voter registration, Strategic planning, Communications, Action alerts, Database/ software,
Program structure/design, Websites, Evaluation/ metrics, Issues identification)

National Conventions
Organizational Management (Bylaws, Board management, Human Resources issues, General Counsel issues, Strategic planning, Research and benchmarking)

Technology & Infrastructure


To select your NABPAC Mentor today, contact the NABPAC office at [email protected]!